Landscape Information Model

Landscape Information Model Features

The Landscape Information Model is a free and open-source geodatabase model designed to help you collect, catalog, track, manage, analyze and share geographic information for any managed landscape throughout your organization and with the public.

It is the latest version of the standard formerly known as the ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model (version 1.0) and the ArcGIS Parks and Gardens Information Model (version 2.0), and includes major enhancements for plant records management and compatibility with the latest releases of the Esri ArcGIS platform.

The Landscape Information Model standard is used by hundreds of botanical gardens, campuses, cemeteries, parks, zoos and other institutions worldwide as the repository for all of their geographic data, and serves as the foundation for Landscape Manager for ArcGIS and IrisBG Sync for ArcGIS.


Here are just some of things you can do with the Landscape Information Model…

Collect Feature


Collect data in the field with pre-defined, customizable feature types, fields and drop-down menus using Landscape Manager for ArcGIS with Esri ArcGIS Field Maps or the mobile mapping application of your choice.


Catalog all of your administrative, environmental, facilities, horticultural, and interpretive geospatial information in one of the over 75 different feature classes and tables or add your own using Esri ArcGIS Pro or the desktop mapping application of your choice.

Catalog Feature
Track Feature


Track inspections, work orders, and maintenance history for irrigation, plant collections, facilities, utilities and more using Landscape Manager for ArcGIS with Esri ArcGIS Workforce or the work order management system of your choice.


Manage plant accessions, dedications, labels, names, references, distributions, health, hazards, ecosystem services, and more throughout the ArcGIS platform and synchronize with another plant records system like IrisBG using IrisBG Sync for ArcGIS.

Manage Feature
Analyze Feature


Analyze the health of your plant collections and perform risk assessment based on industry standard methodologies using analysis models included with Landscape Manager for ArcGIS.


Share interpretive applications, maps, and reports throughout your organization and with the public using Landscape Manager for ArcGIS or the mapping platform of your choice.

System Requirements

The Landscape Information Model is designed for the Esri ArcGIS platform, but can be used with any GIS software that supports the Esri ArcGIS Geodatabase.

Supported GIS Software


The Landscape Information Model has detailed descriptive information included with the metadata for each object in the geodatabase.

Geodatabase Documentation

The complete Geodatabase Documentation page contains technical specifications and descriptions for all model elements.

Release Notes

The Release Notes document contains a detailed list of all the new additions and changes made to the information model design.