Landscape Information Model Adds Plant Records and Work Orders to Landscape Mapping Standard

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Cartezan is thrilled to announce the release of the Landscape Information Model 3.0 with expanded plant taxonomy and work order management capacity and enhanced integration with Esri ArcGIS products to empower landscape managers to collect, catalog, track, manage, analyze and share geographic information throughout their organizations and with the public.

The Landscape Information Model is the latest version of the free and open-source geodatabase standard formerly known as the ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model (version 1.0) and the ArcGIS Parks and Gardens Information Model (version 2.0) that is employed by hundreds of botanical gardens, campuses, cemeteries, parks, zoos and other managed landscapes worldwide as the repository for all of their geographic data.

The information model has been meticulously designed to conform to, and integrate with, geographic information and landscape industry standards and serves as the data storage foundation required for the maps, apps and configurations in Landscape Manager for ArcGIS and the plant records synchronization tools in IrisBG Sync for ArcGIS.

The Landscape Information Model is free to download and includes detailed metadata for Esri ArcGIS Pro and complete Geodatabase Documentation. For additional assistance with configuring and customizing the model, we offer pay-as-you-go and unlimited technical support subscriptions that include a free mapping project consultation. Both the Standard and Pro technical support options are on sale now for a limited time.

Please visit the Landscape Information Model web page for additional information and feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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