New Resource for Funding Landscape Managment and Conservation Mapping Projects

Funding Feature

Not-for-profit organizations operate a little differently than your average institution. Fueled by a mission that serves the community, employee motivation usually comes from a desire to contribute, rather than a desire for financial gain. For this reason, staff at a non-profit tend to have a strong connection to both their work and their colleagues, all of whom are working towards a common goal. Ambition, ideas and hard work are plentiful at this type of organization, while project lists are long. Resources, funding and time are often in short supply.

So how do you get that project off the to do list? Employing good technology and efficient workflows is an excellent way to improve both the quality of your GIS data as well as the efficiency at which it is collected and maintained, but how do you fund such an endeavor? Luckily, there are many organizations that offer funding opportunities to help non-profits get it done. 

The Alliance for Public Gardens GIS has put together a new resource on the Cartezan website that tracks current project and software grants available from Botanic Gardens Conservation InternationalGovernment of CanadaEsri, Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Stanley Smith Horticultural Foundation that can be used to fund landscape management and conservation mapping projects at arboreta, botanical gardens, museums, parks, universities and other eligible institutions. Program descriptions, grant benefits, eligibility requirements, application deadlines and application links are included for each funding opportunity and will be updated periodically with new grants and details.

We know that budgets are tight, and grant applications are challenging. Cartezan is here to help you find a program that works for your organization and goals, planning your mapping project, grant writing, equipment purchasing, fund matching, and more.

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